With Altro Quickclad you can construct hygienic walls and partitions quickly, simply and cost effectively. it's ideal for problem areas where poor substrates, services or listed builings prevent or restrict fixing a cladding direct to existing substrates.

Altro's unique system means you can create wipe-clean walls or non-load bearing partitions without the need for substrate preparation. You just construct a simple metal stud framework and fix the panels direct to this. The panels are held in place by a 2 part joint strip which requires only a small amount od adhesive.

Future access to services is made simple by creating access hatches or removable panels (free of adhesive) at the construction stage.

Ideal for food manufacturing and pharmaceutical applications where a wipe-clean, seamless hygienic surface is required.

Please visit the product selection pages for guides regarding suitability of walling applications.

Sheet sizes W171: 2500x1250x10mm
Sheet sizes W172: 3000x1250x10mm

Quickclad technical downloads.

Cleaning Guides
(Altro Quickclad cleaning card PDF 64.64 KB)

Installation Guidance
(Altro Quickclad installation guidance PDF 425.57 KB)

Technical Data Sheets
(Altro Quickclad 84.1 KB)