Rudge Brothers & James History

Formed in the seventies by Barry Rudge, Darral Rudge and John James, Rudge Brothers & James (RBJ) was soon to become one of the leading flooring contractor in the South West.

By the eighties and into the nineties Rudge Brothers & James became one of the largest suppliers and installers of carpet and flooring to the Leisure, Office and Retail Industries with term contracts nationwide for Courage Pubs, Corus Hotels, British Shoe Corporations and Allied Dunbar.

Jim Heal and Steve Lake
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During this time Darral Rudge left the RBJ to concentrate on other business interests leaving Barry and John to grow the company employing over seventy members of staff.

Barry was quick to see opportunities within the business to supply and install solid wood floors in both commercial and residential sectors back in the seventies well before it came fashionable in the nineties.

Again Barry spotted the high potential of Altro's "Whiterock Hygienic Wall Cladding". RBJ soon became one of the very first "Premier" installer companies working nationwide.

Jim Heal and Steve Lake
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In 2001 Rudge Brothers & James was to become solely owned and run by Barry Rudge following his buyout of John James.

Sadly Barry became terminally ill in early 2003 and passed away at the end of the year.

Jim Heal and Steve Lake realised there was an opportunity to run their own flooring business and quickly moved to restore Rudge Brothers and James to its former glory days and live up to Barry's philosophy of 'affordable quality'.