Frenchay Care home

The MRSA and Clostridium Difficile Superbugs, cases of en masse food poisoning, highly-publicised health violations within the food and catering industry, facilities condemned as unfit for use... and on and on the list seemingly grows. Worries over the safety of public and customer services are at an all-time high.

This recent heightening of concern has finally led to some recognition of the work Rudge brothers and James have been producing and promoting for years. Rudge Brothers & James (RBJ)have been long-term exponents of Altro Whiterock, a unique wall covering that places a premium on the combination of hygiene, functionality and style together with Altro safety flooring (RBJ are premier installers of Altro's Whiterock).

Frenchay Care Home
Frenchay Care home before - Click photo to enlarge

RBJ were contracted to re-model and re-fit the large kitchen at Frenchay Residential home. What the Nursing home didn't have, and what the elderly residents at Frenchay needed, was a germ-free sealed surrounding that would add cleanability to usability.

One phone call to Jim Heal of Rudge Brothers and James and it was problem solved. Within weeks residents not only had a fully fitted deluxe kitchen to be proud of, they also had the security of knowing it was safe and hygienic. The unique Altro Whiterock fitting means fully-sealed joints (even round corners having been thermoformed on site) and leaves no gaps or spaces for germs and bacteria to set up camp. Even Frenchay's dedicated staff are happier as the new surfaces are much easier and quicker to clean.

Frenchay Care Home
Frenchay Care Home after - Click photo to enlarge

The project called for RBJ to remove two layers of old damaged and unhygenic ceramic tiles, infilling an old door, plywood line one wall, applying pva to the exhisting rendered wall and install new Altro Whiterock Pvc wall cladding and new Altro Walkway 20 safety flooing with welded joints.