Quickclad for new bakery

Bristol premier installer for the complete range of Altro products has recently specified and installed Quickclad to a new Bakery in Hengrove, Bristol. Gilly's Oven owners decided to take advice and use this unique product after a number of meetings with Jim Heal, director of Rudge Brothers and James. Gilly's Oven has been set up by Ben Gill and Amy Sutcliff to make Pasties, Pastry Products and Sandwiches.

Quickclad for new bakery
Before Quickclad fitting - Click photo to enlarge

The Quickclad is a new walling system that is ideal for use in applications such as food and drink manufacturing, processing and packaging and in supermarkets and other food retailing environments. It is also very well suited for pharmaceutical companies, such as for use in clean rooms where a totally smooth and easily cleaned surface is required.

Quickclad is an ideal replacement for ceramic tiles and easily outperforms conventional paints and other coatings. Because Quickclad originates from the Altro Whiterock family, exceptional levels of cleanability and hygiene can be expected. The sheet will not support the growth of bacteria and far fewer joints than tiles mean that there are fewer areas where bacteria and mould could grow.

Quickclad for new bakery
Framing & fitting - Click photo to enlarge

Quickclad is a high speed walling solution - it features a dry installation system that uses minimal adhesive; it is installed using Gyproc metal framework that are attached to the existing substrate. A Quickclad joining strip is then screwed to the stud and the sheet attached to the strip using special adhesive. A finishing strip is then placed over the joint to finish the installation off. This allows pipes and cables to run behind the wall cladding thus hiding them from view and potential damage. The void also allows installers to fit Quickclad to uneven and damp substrates with very little preparation to help reduce downtime. In the case of the bakery, the client was not permitted to directly fix anything the industrial unit walls.

Rudge Brothers and James are Altro Whiterock Wall Cladding Systems Premier installers

Quickclad for new bakery
After Quickclad fitting - Click photo to enlarge

Quickclad can easily be routered for internal and external corners without using preformed corners or joints. It can also easily accommodate different detailing at a floor or wall junction - vinyl, resin or tiles can effortlessly be laid up to the finished wall. Quickclad is demountable and can be easily removed if access is required to the services behind. Panels can also be individually tailored to further enable access.

Rudge Brothers and James also installed an Altro hygienic ceiling and the floor was covered with a slip resistant safety floor, again this was with another product from the Altro family, Classic 25.