RBJ Contracts has signed a unique agreement with a finance house to help businesses save money on new carpeting for office environments.

The deal will enable St Philip's flooring contractor Rudge Brothers & James to offer an innovative new carpet leasing scheme to its clients that is both tax efficient and cost effective.

It will mean businesses can have supplied and installed new Interface carpet tiles and lease out the cost of their flooring for a period of between one and five years with added benefits such as carbon neutral (Co2) and recycled floor coverings.

RBJ director Jim Heal says the scheme is a cost-effective way for companies to pay for new flooring with the debt off their books.

"Firms have been leasing items like cars and photocopiers for years, now they have the chance to do the same with their floor coverings," he said.

"The advantages are that payments come from a revenue budget and are therefore fully allowable against tax.

"It's a great way to have new carpets and give companies a whole new look without breaking the bank."

The scheme offers fixed payments with the flexibility to add further flooring to the agreement at any time.

Rudge Brothers & James has signed the leasing agreement with Plus Finance, the UK's leading finance company in the furniture and fit-out market.

The firm, based in Victoria Road, St Philip's, has been trading for almost 40 years and specialises in all types floor coverings with clients including Arup, Alec French Partnership, Atkins Walters Webster, Sarah Kenny Lettings and The Higher Education Funding Council.

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