Refurbishment The Eco-Friendly Way
Refurbishment The Eco-Friendly Way

Bristol flooring specialists Rudge Brothers & James (RBJ) has helped refurbish an office block for global company Allianz in an in an eco-friendly way.  

The firm has replaced 1,000 square metres of carpet tiles at the Bristol Aztec branch of Allianz without causing damage to the environment and with the minimum of interruption to business.
office refurbishment in an environmentally friendly way 

RBJ disposed of the used floor coverings through a not-for-profit company which cleans and prepares them for a new life, RBJ’s proposal for the refurbishment was concise and clear. They carried out the project with little fuss, no mess or disruption to my client and made the carpet tile replacement at Allianz with ease and efficiency.

"As a firm we at RBJ pride ourselves on being at the forefront of recycling and office refurbishment in an environmentally friendly way. The initiative drastically reduces landfill, incineration costs and Allianz’s carbon footprint." Said Jim Heal of RBJ.
office refurbishment in an environmentally friendly way 

Rudge Brothers and James use a jacking system that lifts furniture on the spot so old carpet tiles can be removed and new ones installed with no disruption to staff belongings or their work station.

"We simply come in at night and exchange the old carpet tiles for new, section by section over a period of nights or at weekends," said RBJ’s Jim Heal.

"Staff didn’t even need to clear their desks," added Jim. "Phones, computers, and all the other office equipment just stayed connected.
office refurbishment in an environmentally friendly way 

"There was no dismantling or disconnection, because entire workstations were just raised up to permit replacement.

"Staff came in to work the day after and found, as if by magic, they had brand new carpets!"

Sue Pursey, Facility Manger, Allianz, said she was delighted at the speed of the operation. "There was no downtime which cut down on cost and loss of productivity during our refurbishment. "

Forty year old Rudge Brothers & James, based in St Phillip’s, Bristol, is a market leader in the supply and installation of specialist wall cladding and floor coverings.

For further information contact RBJ on: 0117 980 3990